When I was young, I always remembered looking at video games (especially the 2D games that were popular when I was a kid) and seeing the sprites move with amazing fluidity and saying to myself, "I WANT TO DO THAT!" 

As time went on, my passion came and went, but it was always there. Around the end of high-school, I met my fiancee and being the creative power-house that she is, pushed me to pursue my passions for creativity. Over time, wanting to do it became simply, DOING IT. 

I started to research what it would take to get from dreaming to doing. It started simply as doodling, but quickly became sketching and then eventually painting. I decided that school was going to be fastest way to get to my end goal, so I got a degree in Graphic Design, first, then loved school so much that I ended up getting a degree in multimedia, and finally pushed into my final degree that I use the most to date. The latter being from Memphis College of Art with a focus in Illustration. 

From there I've been doing freelance illustration and personal artwork for both me and my fiancee (whom is a writer). We are currently collaborating on a multitude of projects, from coloring books, to illustrative stories.

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