Repo! The Genetic Opera

Based on a cyberpunk / horror / musical cross over by Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich called Repo! The Genetic Opera.

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Cyberpunk variant: Revenant from DOOM

The revenants from DOOM already feel like a bit of a cyberpunk nightmare, but I decided to push the colors and things even further.

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J!NX from League of Legends

One of my favorite characters from League of Legends by Riot! Games.

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Death from Sandman

Vertigo's Sandman is a classic comic in every sense of the word.

Here's my take on Death from the comic series.

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Widowmaker and D.VA from Overwatch

The massively popular Overwatch games from Blizzard have spawned a slough of fan art all over the internet. That being said, here's my take on two of the iconic characters from the franchise - Widowmaker and D.VA.

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Isaac Clarke from Dead Space

I cannot begin to tell you how much of a fanatic I am for this series. This series rekindled a love for space horror that I hadn't felt since I saw the original Alien movie.

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Sarah Kerrigan from StarCraft

I can't help but feel sympathetic for Kerrigan and what happened to her during StarCraft. Her story arc went from the first core game all the way to the end of the entire series.

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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was my introduction to the Netflix era Marvel universe. I have nothing but love for this series as it really showed me what I've been talking about the whole time - women can make for very powerful and convincing main characters. I'm looking forward to where they go with her character in the future!

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