Metal Marionette #1

Sometimes an idea just comes to you, sometimes you have to think it through constantly. I feel like this is one of those ideas where I was at work (I work at a print shop by day), and seeing some of the sheer volume of work and types of work that come through and out of no where I was struck with an idea to do a series of paintings that I could paint sequentially that would be part of a larger narrative.

Initially I was inspired by Peter Mohrbacher's work with Angelarium and his incredible skill with both anatomy and clouds, while also infusing a greater narrative.

(above: Mohrbacher's Shateiel, Angel of Silence and Simikiel, Angel of Vengeance)

I started just drawing and painting things as studies that I felt like would work in with both groups of thought - clouds being at the forefront.

Study based on a very loose cloud scape that I happened to see on the way home.

Working through this mentally gave me ideas of ways that I could manipulate both in tandem to create a singular series of pieces that would keep me interested throughout the year...

And thus the Metal Marionette project was born.

"Metal Marionette: Garnet"
The final piece is a 20" x 30" digital painting. 

This is the first in a series of paintings (one a month) that will be all based around an overall cyberpunk theme. I'm playing with the natural-to-unnatural balance in the images what with placing some of them in a very natural setting. In some ways I find this to be in juxtaposition to what we typically see. We usually see cyberpunk characters in ultra-high tech settings with tech on all sides. While I won't say this typical variety won't make an appearance, my favorite things to paint happen to be clouds and wires, so I ventured into both of these simultaneously.


Works in Process, Garnet.

As a side note, the background and foreground were painted independantly and will be for each piece. That gives me leeway to make the background and foreground as seperate pieces for different variities of gallery shows.


And that's the first of many upcoming. Until next time, folks!